Let your balance take flight with Copter

HOLD $COPTER in your wallet and our helicopter will come visit you with rewards! Each transaction will deduct a fee to be distributed to holders and also expand our liquidity pool.

The Copter is gearing up for it’s first flight to reward holders

It is kitted out with unique inflight tech:

  • Fuel tax

    12% tax on transactions 6% goes to holders 6% is locked to liquidity
  • Only one pilot

    Dev fund (Over 25% of the total supply) was burned before flight, this was sent to a black hole address
  • SAFU

    Liquidity burned forever.

Learn about the Copter protocol

Dev Burn & Deflation

We burned our dev fund which was more than 25% of the total supply before launch and sent it to our black hole burner address: this address will also participate in the protocol meaning it will remove them from the circulating supply.

Continuous Burn Strategy

We have implemented a continuous burn strategy, where an inflow of tokens from all transactions will be sent to a black hole wallet. The more our helicopter flies around the world, the greater the burn will become. As $COPTER goes up in price the burn value will exponentially reward our holders.

Automatic Liquidity Pool System

Our protocol robots will penalize transactions from both sellers and buyers alike with a fee, which is then added to the LP creating price stability. As token prices increases, the price stability mirrors this function with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders. By having a larger liquidity pool as $COPTER grows, the price will fluctuate less if bigger holders decide to exit.

Copter Protocol

Our helicopter runs on simple tax for fuel – employing a transaction fee of 12%, this is split as follows; 6% will be redistributed to existing holders of our token. 3% will be sold into BNB + 3% will be added as liquidity in conjunction with the acquired BNB.


Our flight path

Heres what you can expect

  • APRIL 30 2021

    Tickets for our first flight are available

    Enter the competition to secure your prize ticket
  • MAY 2 2021

    Copter launch

    Liquidity has been fastened
  • MAY 3 2021

    Pancakeswap listing

    Copter now flying around the world
  • MAY 3 2021

    Audit to be secured

    Installing in-flight safety mechanism
  • MAY 10 2021

    Stimulus package

    Who doesn't like rewards? Thanks President!

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